A Dog Owner's Story

Doris Young aka Marrie Lee
aka Cleopatra Wong
(former action movie star)

Toby and Tinky, my companions of more than a third of my lifetime. I remember when I first got them home. I didn't choose Toby, he chose me. I got him from a couple who just had a new born baby and didn't want the 7 month puppy. The moment they let him out of the cage, he ran one circle around the room and took a flying leap onto my knees and there he stayed all the way home.

Tinky was adopted a month later so that I could have a companion for Toby. She was 3 months old then. The good natured ebony black puppy was oblivious to the world as she happily wrestle with a slipper, baring her baby smooth pink belly for all to see.

I was totally in love

So was Toby, the moment he set eyes on her... Tried possesing her the moment I put her down , but the spunky little gal had a mind of her own. She would tease him mercilessly but was firm about a longer courtship before she would succumb to his macho advances.

She decided it was time when she got her first heat. Weeks later, she began to show signs of pregnancy.

I was frantic with worry then, stocking up in bandages, sterile solutions, scissors, anything that I could think of that will be needed. I took her temperature ever so often and one early morning when her temperature dropped, I know she was due within 12 hours. I canceled my day appointment which incidentally was to sign up an important client. I also canceled my evening marketing classes which I am sadly lagging behind. I sat with her the whole morning right up thru the nite, feeding my hunger with biscuits and a bowl of instant noodles.

She was only ready at 2 am

And after a short labour, she gave birth to her first pup, immediately I tied 2 sections of the umbilical cord, snipped off the centre with the sterile scissors, tore at the water bag which I imagined was suffocating the pup, dried it with a towel and start rubbing on it until it starting wriggling and making soft squeaky noises.

And while I was clumsily doing all of the above, Tinky was giving birth to her second pup. Like a true pro, she bit off the umbilical cord and chewed the membrane and placenta and ate it up, then she started licking the pup until it started moving and making noise. Talk about nature having its own way. She knew exactly what to do without reading the many books that I had pored over

Tinky was a very protective mother. I was the only thing or person allowed near the pups. It was another 2 weeks before she even allowed Toby to meet his children.

Once, when one of her puppies fell down the stairs and couldn't climb back up, she sat guard over him till I came back home to rescue the puppy. Funny, I thought dogs are supposed to pick up their young with their teeth. I guess her pups must have grown too fast and heavy for her.

A really protective mother

Whenever Toby and Tinky got into one of their mock fights, the puppies would jump and bark in frustration as they are too short to jump up the couch to join in their parents' fun, but that didn't stop them having fun with the couch itself, see the chewed up corner where the white arrow indicated.

Well we could not keep too many dogs in the house so Toby and Tinky's pups had to go. They had a second litter that was given away before I decided to neutralize them. The emotional breakups must be as bad for them as for me.

Time really flew and more than 10 years have passed. Two years ago, Tinky had a big tumour near her breasts.. it got her so weak that she became listless and could hardly eat. I was reluctant to bring her to the vet because I was so sure that I would be asked to put her down. Then one night, she just lay there with her tongue hanging out, not moving, not responding to my call. I decided to bring her in.

I wrapped her in a towel and the moment I picked her up, Toby gave such a heart breaking shriek and started frantically clawing at my knee and crying so loudly as if knowing that Tinky is dying and begging me to put her down.. In my entire time with them, I had never heard him make a noise that remotely sounded like that. I could only stand there and cry.. and my sister who is a very strong willed woman broke down in tears too.

Save her, Docter! Please...

I drove Tinky to the vet and asked my sister to stay home with Toby. Sure enough, the vet advised me to put her to sleep, saying that firstly the operation is expensive, secondly, because of her age, she may not survive the operation and thirdly even if she does, she may not be with me long as she is already pass 13 years which is the average life span. For a split second I was torn between my decisions, then the memory of Toby's frenzied grief decided for me. "Save her, Doctor.. do whatever you can, just save her" I was already sobbing to the vet.

Three days later I brought her home, weak but more alive than she had been for weeks.. Even the vet was amazed at her speedy recovery. I told him that it was bacause I gave both my dogs Pet Sun Chlorella since they were puppies.

It's been almost 3 years now, Tinky is still healthy although she has lost her sight since a year ago. Toby is fine too but a little wobbly on his legs... I am beginning to worry again.. I just came from a site that says the average life span for silkies is 16.. they are both 16 now

I guess increasing their intake of Pet Sun Chlorella would help and of course a lot of tender loving care.

Birth Certificates of Toby and Tinky