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A Story of 2 Tails

"Heart tugging story of an owner of two 16 year
old silkies"

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- Doris Young

"As a veterinarian specializing in acupuncture and herbal therapies, as well as conventional treatment for animals, I have been experiencing some amazing benefits in my practices ... with the remarkable superfood Pet Sun Chlorelia.

I have been treating a cat who has been experiencing skin problems - with herbal remedies and acupuncture. Just three weeks ago, I incorporated Pet Sun Chlorella into her diet and her skin has dramatically improved. Another patient of mine is a dog named Samantha. I have been treating her with regular acupuncture for a serious spinal problem. In just one month's time with Pet Sun Chlorella, she is much spunkier and happier!

I love all animals and I sincerely care about their optimum health and overall well-being. With all of its natural vital nutrients, I highly stand by and recommend that every pet owner use Pet Sun Chlorellal"

- William Farber, D.V.M., West Los Angeles, CA

"Mercy, our family cat, really likes Pet Sun Chlorella. The first time I gave Mercy a Pet Sun Chlorella Wafer, she dropped it on the floor and sniffed it suspiciously. I took a handful of the human Sun Chlorella and swallowed it while she watched on curiously. I then bend over to retreive the wafer but she was quicker than me and grab it and ate it with great relish.

She has been loving it ever since and sits impatiently for her daily treat of Pet Sun Chlorella. She is much more energetic and lively now and her coat is much softer and shinier. My family and I have appreciated your Sun Chlorella Products and now Mercy does too."

- Takayuki Mihara , Kyoto, Japan

"Dakota and Cheyenne have been enjoying their Pet Sun Chlorella ... with great results! Dakota is ten-years old with kidney and hip problems and is now able to keep up with his six-year old girlfriend Cheyenne! He is more energetic and runs circles around the "youngsters" at the dog park. Cheyenne loves her Pet Sun Chlorellal It helps keep her coat shiny, and her skin is no longer itchy. Cheyenne and Dakota run when they hear the packets being opened! THANK YOU Pet Sun Chlorella! My dogs say "WOOF" (Thanks)"

- Cheryl Bernhardt, Redondo Beach, CA

"Pepper, my 3 year old Chihuahua fell ill 2 months ago. She refuses to get up and started vomiting whatever she eats. Finally she stopped eating altogether and became very weak. Her fur started droppng off in clumps. I took her to the vet and an X-ray showed she had a growth the size of a marble in her liver. I bought her home and started feeding her Pet Sun Chlorella. She ate nothing else but chlorella for almost a month. Suddenly one morning she got up and started running around and barking. She started eating regularly and began to gain back her strength. Her fur also started growing back. I am totally amazed at what happened and I am convinced that Pet Sun Chlorella has a role to play in Pepper getting well."

Ivor David, Siglap, Singapore

"Lady was rain-drenched when I found her. She was about ten months old ... she's now two years old. She awakens me around 6:15 am ... then she sits at the door keeping her eyes on my feet until I go downstairs.

She is waiting on the kitchen counter as I open her Pet Sun Chlorella box. I break the wafer into four parts and she chews each of them with gusto! I can't wait until I take her to the vet for her check up. Her coat is so shiny and her eyes are very strong. There's nothing like Sun Chlorella to keep her healthy!"

- Shirley Sperber, Dumont, NJ

"We gave our oldest dog (9 X years) Pet Sun Chlorella and she acted like a puppy again! The difference was obvious within a few days.

-Donald Van Hoozier, Macon, GA"

"I give my pets, Rex and Sneakers, Pet Sun Chlorelia every day. I find that even my finicky cat, Sneakers, is able to take the product when crushed in her food. Rex, my golden retriever, absolutely loves Pet Sun Chlorelia. It has helped his hot spots (a skin condition) greatly, and he no longer eats grass, which had previously make him ill. Both of my pets love Pet Sun Chlorella and I will continue to give it to them. The best pet supplement out there today!"
- M.S., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"Sneakers is a very finicky eater, so I crumble Pet Sun Chlorella in her morning breakfast. I know that the nutrients from the chlorella are good for her. She seems to be more playful now that she takes Pet Sun Chlorella. I feel better knowing she is getting an excellent source of chlorophyll, vitamins, and lecithin as a year-round healthy addition to her nutritional needs."

- Mary Jane Straub, RPV, CA

"My dog Jasper was ailing from hot spots and allergies. She takes a Pet Sun Chlorella wafer in the morning and the evening. That was five years ago. She is now I I years old, energetic, and in great health! She looks forward to them as treats everyday. Thanks for such a great product!"

- Lisa Birkenberger, Cedar Rapids, IA

"My puppy,Boss, was very sick since he was about 1 years old. I am so worried that he will be sick or anything. After feeding him Pet Sun Chlorella, he seems to be healthier."
-Lynn Yeo, Woodlands, Singapore

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